Stunning Wedding Photography in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Between its picturesque stretches of beaches, exotic landscapes and striking mountains, there is no place quite like Puerto Vallarta when it comes to your destination wedding. The vibrant Mexican region is quite like any other place in the world; experience what it has to offer for yourself when you have your wedding at this stunning location.

Your wedding is a day you want to remember forever – what better way to do this than with a truly exceptional album of wedding photography that you can treasure for the rest of your lives. You’ll be able to look back upon your special day and share it with your loved ones, while all the while reminiscing on your pure happiness.

We will help you capture the special moments from your day to create a snapshot of your love for one another. Your unique photographs will be set against one of the most stunning landscapes in the world: Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

Why choose Pink Palm Photo?

Our strength lies in our communication: we will keep you involved during every step of the photography process to ensure your input is well received. We want to ensure your photography matches your unique identity as a couple. If you are more traditional in your love, we will take photography in line with this; if you prefer a more modern twist, this will be reflected in your final wedding album.

We pride ourselves on our stunning photography; not only is it crisp, clear and beautiful, but it captures your emotions perfectly. Roaming around your wedding ceremony and reception, we will immerse ourselves in

Speak to us about booking your wedding photography

If you have your wedding booked for Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will begin a discussion about your wedding and your desired photography.

When you contact us, we will also inform you of our detailed price breakdown – our wedding options are sure to fit in with any budget, ensuring all happy couples are able to access stunning photography on their special day.